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We have received 13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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How Can I Save Money And Upgrade My Home Or Business

  • LED Lighting Is 90% More Efficient
  • LED Lights Last 11 Years
  • LED Lights Are 100% Recyclable
  • LED Lights Are Extremely Durable
  • LED Lights Require Very Low Voltage
  • LED Lights Make Great Accent Lights

LED Lights Are The Way Of The Future

With Technology Advancing, Incandescent Lights Are Quickly Becoming Outdated

Electrical & Lighting Solutions Can Take Care Of All Your LED Needs

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Within 60 seconds you can be speaking with a LED Expert.

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Imagine The Money You Will Save On Your Power Bill

LED Lights are 90% more efficient than your standard bulb.

That means that whatever portion of your power bill is spent on lighting will be reduced significantly.

Which ultimately means you get to keep more of your hard earned money!

What Makes Us The LED Experts?

We have the highest class, unrestricted electrical contractor license.

Philip has been working on lighting solutions for the past 16 years!

We work hard to stay current on the latest LED technology. We can't wait to show you the different LED solutions for your home or business.
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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City
When: Aug 22, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Closet Lighting, LED Lighting, Dimmer Switch
Brief Explanation

This customer contacted us with wanting more lighting in their closet in their Master Bedroom. Upon entering the Master Closet and seeing the beautiful cabinetry and shelving we knew what to do. Philip explained how installing LED lighting in the cabinets would give off the appropriate amount of light, be hidden from sight and really enhance the look of the cabinets.

LED lights can be set on a dimmer switch to control how bright or dim you want the light. This is perfect for cabinet lighting because sometimes you want lots of light to emit into the room and sometimes you want it dim and as an accent light. Another benefit of LED lights is they give off low heat so you can keep clothes in the cabinets and shelves without the risk of fire or burning the fabric of your clothes.

Another benefit of LED Cabinet lights is they are hidden from sight. They have such a low profile that they are easy to install on the back of a ledge or shelf that is not visible and still give off plenty of light.

Have you ever noticed that just the right amount of light on a picture or piece of furniture really makes it pop or stand out.
The same holds true for cabinets. The right accent lighting adds another level of beauty to your cabinets. Philip is an expert in Lighting Solutions and can it showed in this closet cabinet. See for yourself, the pictures on this page are of this job.

Another benefit of LED lighting that really stands out in this job is how versatile it is. You will notice that every shelf and every part of the cabinet is illuminated. Because LED light strips are so small we are able to run light strips anywhere we want light to be. For example note the shoe rack. Every rack is illuminated.

LED actually stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lighting is becoming the lights of the future. Their compact size, intensity of light they are able to emit, and their ability to generate light on very low amounts of electricity is making them more and more common in residential homes and commercial buildings. These lights are so efficient that our customers that switch
their lighting out to all LED's are seeing a significantly lower power bill.

Our crew went to work and finished easily in a day. There was very little mess and we cleaned up any mess we made so that the homeowner was able to walk in and use their closet right away.

The best part of the job was watching our customers face when we turned the lights on. They were thrilled with the finished product and loved having the lights on a dimmer switch.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Jun 27, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: LED Light Installation, Light Fixture Installation, Light Switch Replacement, Dimmer Switch Installation
Brief Explanation

Call Now To Schedule Your LED Light Conversion

One of the most rewarding services that we provide is converting incandescent lighting with LED lighting. This is a relatively non invasive service that dramatically changes the look as well as the feel of the home. This particular customer fell in love with the look and feel of the LED lights that we installed in her place of business and soon after she scheduled us to do the same to her house. Even though she lives in one of the houses that was built in the early years of Peachtree City, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it. These home owners have done an amazing job renovating this house into a very modern and cozy home. Although her previous lighting did provide light to the house, that is about where the benefits stopped. LED lighting has a list of benefits on top of just providing light. There were 3 main benefits that interested this particular home owner.

The Benefits Of LED Lighting:

The First Benefit

was the aesthetics. The overall modern look it gave her home. Instead of just replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs, we replaced the light fixtures with Recessed LED Can Lights. This is a relatively non invasive install. These Recessed LED lights wire straight into the existing wiring. On this particular install the home owner wanted to add a few extra lights giving her a total of 9 Recessed LED Can lights.

The Second Benefit

was the direction of the light. In this install we replaced the lights in her hallway and her master closets. Her hallway was adorned with pictures and portraits. Her new LED lights accented the pictures making them stand out more than before. All of her lights were wired to Dimmer Switch's. This is a key feature for her closets. Depending on her needs she could turn the lights on to full capacity bringing in enough light to see the darkest corners of her closet, or dim the lights so as not to be as harsh on your eyes in the morning.

The Third Benefit

that this homeowner is looking forward to taking advantage of is the efficiency of her new lights. LED lights use substantially less energy than incandescent and florescent lights. LED's are said to be 80-90% more efficient. Our customers that do switch to LED lighting notice a reduction in their power bill. This alone is the main reason for a lot of our customers to convert to LED lighting.

After all these benefits, the best part of our job is watching our customers faces when they see their new lighting. This was no exception. Seeing her smile as she walked down her hallway and into her master closets made our day. Call us to get your free lighting consultation!

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Senoia
When: Jun 16, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Kitchen Lighting Upgrade
Brief Explanation

Customers are constantly wanting to upgrade their Kitchen Lighting to recessed LED Can Lights. There are 2 main reasons people want to upgrade their kitchen lighting: The first is for aesthetics. LED lights can dramatically change the look of your kitchen as well as being able to direct the light to accent the cabinets and counter tops. LED lighting can really make your kitchen pop! The second reason people switch to LED is to save money. LED lights use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

This customer contacted us about a home remodel project. We met them at their house and discussed the different lighting options and the placement of the lights. They were given an estimate and knew exactly what to expect. We went to work promptly and removed the old light, measured and cut holes in the ceiling for the new lights, wired and mounted 8 recessed LED can lights strategically throughout the kitchen. The customer wanted the LED lights to be on a dimmer so we wired all 8 lights to one dimmer light switch.

Seeing the customers reactions when they see the finished project is our favorite part of the job. They were amazed at how good it looked, how clean their kitchen was after all the work and how quickly we were finished. Start to finish on this job took 3 hours. This was another great Kitchen Light Job!

Recent Reviews

Steve Smith

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Mar 10, 2017
Can't say enough about this company and it's crew. It seems rare these days that you get work to be completed on time, on budget and as promised, with no complications. They did just that. The owner and crew showed up at our home exactly on time to install 25 recessed lights throughout our home, which was a task given it would be a retro-fit. They went right to work and I was amazed how quickly and perfectly the job was completed. I had other bids and all the "other guys" talked more about potential problems then actual "can do" ideas like they provided. Couldn't be happier with the workmanship, attitudes and follow up that this company provided. I will definitely use them again for ANY electrical needs that come my way!

"They Completed Work On Time, On Budget, And As Promised"

Anna Phillips

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 10, 2016
They sent a team of three electricians who were able to diagnose and repair my problem very quickly. The team was both courteous and professional and I will definitely use them for any future electrical needs in my home.

"Very Quick To Diagnose And Repair My Electrical Problem"

Dana Hansen

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 9, 2016
Quick to respond when I smelled smoke from a lighting fixture. Thank you!!

"Responded Quickly When There Was Risk Of Fire"

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